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Agrecourse Integrated Services Limited (also known as “Agrecourse”) is a digital technology company, incorporated in 2018, with a mission to leverage technology to help farmers and food processors gain unrestricted access to finance, markets and reliable information.

Through the Agrecourse platform, farmers are able to get funds for farm inputs and services that aid their food production, while food processors can access funds for their operations and linkage to premium markets to sell their processed food. Through partnerships with different stakeholders, we gather reliable data and use these to provide farmers and processors with useful information that helps them improve their operations.

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At Agrecourse, Our services and technology interventions are developed with our users in mind; allowing for scalability and local adoption, bearing in mind that business operations and needs are unique.

Our Mission

To aid the transition of smallholder farmers and food processors from their subsistence operations to commercial operations by using technology to provide them with access to finance, access to markets and access to reliable data.

Our Vision

To help Africa achieve food security using technology.

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Our Purpose

The idea of Agrecourse came as a result of the many problems plaguing Nigeria’s Agriculture sector. We realized that if Agriculture is given the attention it deserves, it can end poverty, create employment and foster economic growth, concurrently.

The main reason Agrecourse was formed was to help achieve Food Security in Nigeria. In a quest to achieve this, Agrecourse took on the role of enabling access to finance and access to market for food producers and processors. Since inception, the company has experienced some good fortunes in terms of traction and acceptance by the public and the industry.
Going forward, Agrecourse will further reposition to become more engrained in the agriculture industry, both within Nigeria and outside. As part of efforts to grow the company, it is important to assess the achievements so far, vis-à-vis the journey ahead. This will help understand what Agrecourse has going for her (in terms of People, Technology, Processes and Partnerships), what advantages Agrecourse brings to bare, what the strategy is going forward, what Agrecourse needs to achieve its goals at an optimal level in its new business frontier, and lastly what benefits it poses to stakeholders.

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Our Statistics


19 500

Rice Farms


2 720

Poultry Farms


10 000

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Box Office Hub, Ambassador Albert Osakwe House, 1473 Inner Block Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.